Custom Panelized Homes

Stage 3

The pre-built trusses and roofing materials arrive next. The crew frames the home ensuring it is weather tight within days. Local contractors complete the remaining stages of construction while we oversee the process. 

Stage 2

Upon completion of the foundation, the first floor panels are delivered on site. Prebuilt walls speed the framing process resulting in a trouble free installation.  

Stage 1

Once your foundation is complete, the floor deck system is installed. The sub floor, beams and joints are all assembled within a day.

Panelized construction is a cost effective and time saving solution to building homes. The flexibility and ease of construction saves you time and money making your dream home a reality.  Welcome to the future of home construction.

Panelized building systems currently make up the majority of all residential and commercial construction. Walls and trusses are pre-built in a state-of-the-art factory with the latest equipment. This results in better quality control ensuring a first rate product. 

The benefits of building a home through panelized construction vs traditional stick-framed are many. The accuracy of machined panels simplifies the framing process saving you time and money. Less materials are needed generating less waste. Take comfort knowing your decision to use panelized construction saves the environment.